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OB01-050 Demon King Azul

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Demon King Azul

Atribute: Water
Class : ☆☆☆☆
Type : Demon

HP : 271-287
Attack : 74-79
Agility : 38-40

EX : Sargasso Spiral

How To Get:
Appearance against the CPU game, card of possible

Appear Condition:
class a total 10-12☆

Satan Azul (Lv10) + Makai source [picture change]

Drop Items:
Makai source (rare)

Rating score
2.82 (3 rates)


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  • Daniel - Thursday 4 August 2016 17:54
    How do you turn him into Evil Lord Azul?
  • RANDAL NG - Monday 8 August 2016 10:38
    Daniel, this game having 9 Chapters in total which is Prologue, Chapter 1-7 & Legend, however the previous 8 Chapters from Prologue to Chapter 7 are separate into 2 parts that called as Prologue & New Prologue to Chapter 7 & New Chapter 7.

    First, Prologue only released 90 Cards which explained why Evil Lord Mus are present since the Evil Lord Card with the numbering of 90. However, New Prologue released 130 cards in total that included 90 Cards that released before plus 40 New Cards.
    Second, the prologue total cards are not the same as Chapter 1 to 7. The same thing also applied to Chapter 1 to 7 that I mentioned above but with the different number of total cards released. Chapter 1 to 7 only released 50 Cards per Version, so that explained why Evil Lord Counterpart from respective Demon King are not present since the Evil Lord Card Numbering are 90.

    Third, New Chapter 1-7 released 90 Cards in total(except New Chapter 7 that only have 83 Cards) that included 50 Old Cards & 40 New Cards. That when the Evil Lord Card Present since the Card Numbering are until 90.

    Fourth, the game are started on Prologue till Chapter 7 then only it return to New Prologue to New Chapter 7. It is like the recycle version of game that added some new cards on the New Counterparts of Each Chapter.

    Finally, only all of the above Chapters are passed then only came to the Legend Chapters which on going in Japan now.

    Basically, Evil Lord Azul is not possible now & can only be acquire after the Chapter 7 Concluded & New Prologue started till New Chapter 7 then only can get Evil Lord Azul & the other 2. It will roughly take around 3 to 4 Year from now or lesser which depend on the game popularity & game center management.
  • Daniel - Wednesday 10 August 2016 03:25
    ERm...the games over in the local arcade alread have Evil Lord Azul unlocked. Heck, I fought him and got the Deep Sea Relic, which I'm currently assuming, needs to be combined with something to get the Sea King Orb, which based on the name...I'm guessing I need the Demon King Orb that Riviere drops...maybe?
  • Suzumiya Shinji - Wednesday 10 August 2016 19:27
    @ Daniel : Yes, I just saw today, the arcade is now "Evil Lord Azul is unlocked". What requirement or condition to meet him? By the way, Demon Queen Riviere is dropped "Demon Queen Orb", not "Demon King Orb".
  • Daniel - Wednesday 10 August 2016 21:28
    Oh...so...anyone have any idea what to mix the Deep Sea Relic with?
  • Suzumiya Shinji - Wednesday 10 August 2016 23:56
    @ Daniel : I dont have idea for that until I must face him and get the item first. So, what condition or requirement for meet him ?
  • Daniel - Thursday 11 August 2016 16:03
    To fight Evil Lord Azul: Full team of level 10 monsters, all from Chapter 1. Basically the same as Evil Lord Mus, only now with Chapter 1 monsters
  • Suzumiya Shinji - Thursday 11 August 2016 22:29
    @ Daniel : Yup, that right. I'm just try it today and got Relic of Deep Sea.

    But to make the combination item to make Evil Lord Azul it will difficult. I'm just try it with many item like Demon King Stone, Evil Lord Stone, Cursed Magatama, Dark Matter, Dark Impulse, Hell's Mousse, Demon Queen Orb, Evil Water and no one is working.

    Except, Relic of Deep Sea will work for making alternative picture card.
  • Daniel - Saturday 13 August 2016 02:10
    Well...this idea might not work, but try to see if you can fight "Evil Sea King Tatsudon". I don't know how to make it aooear as an enemy or even if it does appear as an enemy, but its the best I got right now, seeing as Tatsudon is Azul's pet
  • Suzumiya Shinji - Sunday 14 August 2016 19:18
    @Daniel : To find Evil Sea King Tatsudon, you can use all team total class 11-12. I have fight him many times, but he don't drop anything or maybe it rare item I think.

    Only one item I can't find and that maybe will work if combine with Relic of Deep Sea. That item is "Evil Shell Sauce" which dropped from Demon King Azul. But, to find that item is very-very hard. I fight Demon King Azul many times but don't drop that item, make me crazy to find that item.