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OB01-022 Armored Turtle.jpg OB01-021 Helmet TurtleThumbnailsOB01-023 Sage Dragon GenbuOB01-021 Helmet TurtleThumbnailsOB01-023 Sage Dragon Genbu

Armored Turtle

Atribute: Water
Class : ☆☆☆
Type : Dragon

HP : 203-215
Attack : 46-49
Agility : 16-17

EX : Rain of Recovery

How To Get:
Helmet Turtle Advaces in (Lv1 ~ 10)

Appear Condition:
class a total of 7-12☆

Armored Turtle unconditionally (Lv10) Advances → Sage Dragon Genbu

Drop Items:
Ancient Armor

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