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OB01-027 Bubble Wizard Powan

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Bubble Wizard Powan

Atribute: Water
Class : ☆☆☆
Type : Mage

HP : 140-148
Attack : 55-58
Agility : 55-58

EX : Valse Savon

How To Get:
Bubble witch Pointe Advances in (Lv10)

Appear Condition:
Satan Azul scan (Lv10) leader

Awama guru Pointe (Lv10) + mother of keepsake → Maumi of guardian Pointe

Drop Items:

Rating score
4.30 (1 rate)


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  • Daniel - Wednesday 28 September 2016 15:23
    What chapter does Mother's Keepsake become available?
  • Player - Thursday 19 October 2017 19:56
    In Chapter 5, Powan can evolve into a 4 star monster called Guardian of evil sea Powan. You need the Mother's Keepsake(rare) from this boss to evolve Bubble Wizard Powan. And also, same as Bubble Wizard Powan, Guardian of evil sea Powan can be encountered if you put a lvl 10 Demon King Azul as leader