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OB01-060 Evil Lord Azul

OB01-060 Evil Lord Azul.png OB02-027 Crazy Warrior TagameThumbnailsOB01-059 Evil Sea King TatsudonOB02-027 Crazy Warrior TagameThumbnailsOB01-059 Evil Sea King Tatsudon
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  • Daniel - Friday 30 December 2016 11:35
    So...anyone managed to get him? If yes, how do we do that? Combine Demon Lord Azul with what?
  • Guest - Monday 17 April 2017 21:13
    Evil Shell Sause + Relic of deep sea in to
    Sea king's orb Combine Evil Lord Azul Or Evill Shell Drop by Evil Sea King Tatsudon Much Easyer To Evolve
  • Player - Monday 9 October 2017 20:51
    To encounter this Evil Lord Azul, use lvl 10 team from Chapter 1.
  • 1B* - Thursday 26 October 2017 13:54
    how to get evil shell sause
  • Dylando - Tuesday 6 February 2018 19:42
    Does Anyone know How to change skills so the smile skill is gone?
  • wee3200 - Wednesday 7 February 2018 20:31
    Just keep using him and change his skill after battle