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OB00-035 Dark Warrior Tanta

OB00-035 Dark Warrior Tanta.jpg OB01-041 Hell's GateKeeper DanteThumbnailsOB01-027 Bubble Wizard PowanOB01-041 Hell's GateKeeper DanteThumbnailsOB01-027 Bubble Wizard Powan

Tipe: Warrior
Kelas: 2

Cara Mendapatkannya:
Warrior Tanta [Level 1~10] + dark halberd

Kondisi kemunculan:
Leader Warrior Tanta [Level 10]

Dark Warrior Tanta in [Level 10] → Black Knight GeBulg

Dark Matter [Rare]

Rating score
4.61 (3 rates)


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  • Khim11 - Wednesday 6 July 2016 05:21
    Who drops dark halberd?
  • admin - Wednesday 6 July 2016 06:36
    Dark Halberd drop from Black Knight GeBulg and Dark Warrior Tanta
  • Postiga - Thursday 7 July 2016 22:35
    Another curious question plz? Today I use Warrior Tanta (LV10) as a boss leader, I face Dark Warrior Tanta 5 stars with LV10 (I guess). Unfortunately to slay him down. Have you ever face this before, admin? And What another two monsters do you use to battle? How do you defeat?
  • Thaumiel - Saturday 9 July 2016 12:51
    @Postiga, you have to be really lucky, I personally used [Demon King Azul], [Dracula] and [Avalon] to defeat him.

    I got a few lucky Resuscitations (Revive) from [Avalon] after my [Dracula] and [Azul] died.

    One more thing, for the arcade version, you don't have to defeat him to obtain [Dark Matter]. As long as you initiate the fight, there is a chance to obtain it.
    Only for the app version, you have to defeat him to obtain [Dark Matter].
  • shadowfl - Friday 6 October 2017 11:48
    other than dark tanta, dante4*,dark culann who else need dark matter inprocess to powerup. tq.