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OB05-011 Mermaid Merrow

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OB05-011 Mermaid Merrow

Atribute: Water
Class : ☆☆☆

How To Get:
Little Mermaid Merrow [Level 10] + Mermaid fin

Appear Condition:
☆ Class total 7 ~ 12

Mermaid Merrow [Lv 10] + Forbidden medicine → Ice Wizard Merrow
Mermaid Merrow [Love of the Goddess ) + Apollon → Aphrodite

Drop Items:
Mermaid fin

Rating score
4.50 (2 rates)


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  • Player - Thursday 21 December 2017 07:23
    Ice Wizard Merrow is the 4 star evolution of Merrow in Phase 2 of Chapter 5. Though I need to look at the requirements on how to get that Forbidden Medicine. And as for Aphrodite, not sure if she's here in Phase 2 or in another chapter.
  • Player X - Wednesday 3 January 2018 18:36
    Aphrodite was suspose to be one phase 2
  • Player - Thursday 4 January 2018 15:27
    True, but there are only 5 new ones in Phase 2, and they are: Thief Juraj, Great Thief Juraj, Demon King Beelzebub, Great Commander Kabuto, and Dimensional Dragon Vic Viper. And as for the Ice Wizard Merrow, maybe in Phase 3, together with Evil Krzeska.
  • Player - Tuesday 20 February 2018 21:42
    Corrections from my 1st comment, turns out Ice Wizard Merrow is the 3 star human form of Mermaid Merrow, and the Forbidden Serum can be dropped from her. To get Ice Wizard Merrow, you need to combine a lvl 10 Mermaid Merrow with the Forbidden Serum. As for her appear condition, you need a lvl 10 Captain Azul as leader. On their cutsence, Merrow believes Azul was messing with her because she lost her memory but Azul denies it because he was trying to make her remember him. The only difference is that she uses Ice Magic instead of Savons and was working for Evil Krzeska.
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