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OBSP-001 Crystal Dragon

OBSP-001 Crystal Dragon.jpg OB05-046 HeimdallThumbnailsPC12-001 Dante;s Red DragonOB05-046 HeimdallThumbnailsPC12-001 Dante;s Red Dragon
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  • Dylando - Saturday 30 December 2017 22:43
    How to get this card?
  • Player - Monday 1 January 2018 20:23
    You can get it either you win or lose. However this only lasts until Jan 14, 2018.
  • Dylando - Thursday 4 January 2018 13:43
    How to encounter?
  • Player - Friday 5 January 2018 19:29
    Just click the crystal island icon on the left side of Chapter 3, he can be encountered regardless of what team you use. And if you're lucky, you might get the item Crystal Soul which can be used to change your Crystal Dragon's image at level 10.
  • Dylando - Saturday 6 January 2018 19:14
    Dimana bisa main event inj? Karena saya ke amazon lotte kuningan tapi belum ada terima kasih
  • Dylando - Saturday 6 January 2018 22:50
    Is the crystal island
    a rare appearance like ghost ship and giant island??